Giro Katsimbrakis

Giro Katsimbrakis

About Giro Katsimbrakis

Giro Katsimbrakis has been in real estate business for twenty years. He began as a leasing agent for Kiska Developers, a major company based in New York City. Through talent and drive, Giro was rapidly promoted up the company ladder to top agent, and eventually Director of Sales. In four months, he managed to guide the company out of the red and expand the operation to over twenty agents. It was during this time that Giro realized his true passion was actually for the investment side of the spectrum–buying, renovating, and selling properties.

After two years of interminable prosperity, Giro departed from Kiska Developers to follow his passion and start his own commercial and residential real estate company, East River Properties. In 1995, he brought his operation to the emerging market in Las Vegas. After several years of success, Giro set his sights on the booming market of Arizona. During these years, Giro’s skill and determination helped him rise to the top of every market he tackled. Giro Katsimbrakis eventually relocated to the Dallas/Fort Worth area, where he founded Distressed Property Wholesalers. He is currently in the process of expanding the operation into markets all over the country.

Giro has rehabbed over four hundred properties in his career, and has bought and sold millions of dollars of real estate. He is always willing to share his expertise with others in the business to help them become just as wealthy and successful.

DPW GiroAbout DPW Properties

Giro Katsimbrakis’ DPW Properties has developed a turnkey program that offers investors stability and high returns. The company locates, purchases, renovates, manages, and finds suitable tenants for discounted properties. Because of DPW’s high renovation standards and professional managing, the finished product is an investment property guaranteed to produce a solid flow of cash month after month.

Becoming a successful real estate investor isn’t easy–it often takes a team effort. Over the past five years, Giro Katsimbrakis has assembled a team of talented and dedicated professionals, all of whom are highly experienced in every phase of the real estate business. The team’s goal is to allow you to enjoy the benefits of ownership while eliminating the stress and guesswork usually involved. DPW provides a detailed property analysis outlining income, expense, cash flow, return, neighborhood, and market value analysis. The team guides you through every step of the process, including property acquisition, deal analysis, estate planning, asset protection, tax strategies, financing options, property insurance, construction services, title and escrow, and property management.

Giro Katsimbrakis and his DPW Property team are deeply committed to fostering long-term relationships with clients by providing a hassle-free turnkey investment system that builds wealth while minimizing risks. The client simply has to sit back, collect checks, and watch the portfolio grow.

Those interested in creating an investment plan to start building wealth should call (888) 379-2885 today to speak with an investor relation specialist.